Past Episodes

A picture of a blood clot with red blood cells, platelets, and fibrin

036: Expanding universes, supercharged blood, and where do dogs come from?

Listener Karen Ha nails the What The Hell Was That game, as does our host Ivy Shih! JD talks about the universe expanding faster than expected. Amy the dog barks. Sophie talks about research to supercharge platelets! Ivy helps us to answer the question, “where do dogs come from?”. The False Positive game proves once again to be tougher than a $2 steak.

A color enhanced photo of cocci type bacteria.

035: Bad-ass bacteria arrives in U.S., forests making their own rain, and so much more!

Ivy and JD forego the fun and games, and get straight to the science news of the week. Ivy talks about a discovery that shows forests may create their own rain, and about how the Rosetta probe discovered key ingredients for life in Comet 67P’s halo! JD tells us about a strain of everything-resistant bacteria has made its way to the US, and how Stephen Hawking just can’t seem to understand this Trump guy.

The cuttlefish is a cephalopod and is not a fish, nor does it like to cuddle.

034: The Cephalopods that Took Over the Earth!

The mystery sound of the What The Hell Was That Game had the panel and the audience stumped, or did it? Maybe Sophie got it right. But she’s not here for this episode…or was she? Mystery upon mystery! Attacking emerging mosquito-borne diseases with bacteria! And while most ichthyosaurs were tough and ruthless, Sclerocormus parviceps was rough and toothless! Oh, and cephalopods galore!

Golden orb weaver spider

033: Spiders, mozzies, and microbes!

You think you’re tense? You should see the webs of the golden orb weaver spider. That’s tense! And Ivy tells us about new research that sheds light on how these beautiful spiders weave their taut webs. Sophie gives us the latest buzz on the zika virus, and JD tells us about a microbe that’s missing something. But YOU won’t miss anything if you listen to this episode of Blue Streak Science!