JD Goodwin and the Blue Streak Science Team freely and without excessive coercion bring the you the latest science news, commentary, games, interviews, soundscapes and the occasional burst of inappropriate laughter. Join us every Thursday…because it's the right thing to do. Oh, and follow the science!

057: The Return of Blue Streak Science

Long time, no see! After a long hiatus the Blue Streak Science Podcast has returned with the most dangerous team in podcasting; Sophie McManus, Tom Di Liberto, Nevena Hristozova, and JD Goodwin. We look forward to reconnecting with you, too. We are certainly a little rusty, but still this episode hits all the marks. Gene...

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056: Jumping genes, quantum microscopes, and another clueless Trump administrator

We somehow survived the time change in North America. Seriously, why won't everybody just get on the same page and change time in every country at the same time. Or, perhaps everybody not change the time at all. Either way, in the spirit of international cooperation I propose that we all do it at the...

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055: News Roundup, Climate Lounge, Earliest Life, and Coral Bleaching

Today's episode marks the beginning of a new format. Sophie McManus, Ivy Shih, and Nevena Hristozova will bring us up to speed with the latest science news in our Science News Roundup segment. The single most important science issue of our time is climate change. In our Climate Lounge segment Tom Di Liberto of NOAA...

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054: Alien Species! Huge Volcanic Eruptions! Trump's Travel Ban!

What The Hell Was That? Loyal listener Sam Danby, an Englishman living in Norway, was the first listener to get the answer correct when he answered with: (insert answer here). What? You thought we'd reveal the answer here in the show notes? As if! Blue Streak Science News Roundup These are summaries of our discussions...

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053: March For Science

As scientists and scientific thinkers we understand that we must be dispassionate about the data. However, that requisite detachment is limited only to the evidence. Science itself, the vocation, the way of thinking, the calling, permeates our lives and our existence. If there ever was anything worthy of fighting for it is science and reason.

Here's our chance to get out of the lab and on to the streets!

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052: Earth Sets Another Temperature Record, Scientists Reprogram Embryonic Stem Cells, Women's March on Washington

  2017 is shaping up to be a pivotal year in so many ways. Basic research is suffering funding cuts, government agencies are being silenced, and changes in immigration laws threaten to drive away our best and brightest scientists. Yet suddenly there has emerged a glimmer of hope. The Women's March on Washington started on...

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The most dangerous group of science communicators never assembled in one place!

Sophie McManus, host of the Blue Streak Science Podcast.

Sophie McManus

Sophie is a Ph.D. student, British Heart Foundation, at St. Catharine’s College, University of Cambridge, England.

Nevena Hristozova

Nevena Hristozova

Nevena is a last year grad student in Vrije Universiteit Brussel, in Brussels, Belgium. She has always been fascinated with the advances of Biotechnology and biological engineering.

Tom Di Liberto

Tom Di Liberto

Tom (@TDiLiberto) is a meteorologist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Climate Prediction Center and a science writer at NOAA’s Climate.gov.

J.D. Goodwin, host of the Blue Streak Science Podcast.

JD Goodwin

J.D. is a recently retired enologist (wine science) from California with way too much time on his hands. He has also done research in vascular cell biology, and operated a birding tour company.

Chris MacAlister, host of the Blue Streak Science Podcast

Chris MacAlister

Chris is a graduate in Zoology from the University of Liverpool. He is currently a lab technician and quality manager of a Veterinary Microbiology Laboratory. Inspired by his daughter, Chris created the blog, www.matildaslab.wordpress.com.

Amrita Sule, host of Blue Streak Science Podcast

Amrita Sule

Amrita is currently a Postdoctoral Associate at Yale University, and is studying therapeutic targeting of DNA repair proteins in cancer. When not in lab you'll find Amrita doing science outreach or hiking or drinking wine on my couch watching TV.